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Branding, by Wiki definition,

“A brand is an overall experience of a customer that distinguishes an organization or product from its rivals in the eyes of the customer.”

Let me clarify what is Branding in simple words,

I make an impact on the word overall experience of a customer because Branding is not merely choosing an eye-catching logo, slogan and colours. These are just the visuals of your business mission and vision. To have a reliable business, you need to have robust, persistent and thoughtful brand/branding and brand identity, not uttering a logo design. This is undoubtedly must-have knowledge for every blogger, creative entrepreneur, solopreneurs or a small business owner.

Why is Branding essential?

 Branding is essential in business, marketing, and advertising. It is a marketing practice in which a company/business creates a brand name, logo or design that is easily identified.

  • Branding helps to identify your product and recognized
  • Branding helps to make your product memorable.
  • It is a source of competitive advantage.
  • It can drive new business and ultimately increase brand awareness.
  • It supports advertising.
  • Smoothens the customer journey of a blog

What are the branding elements and how it is done for a blog?

Your brand is your Company’s voice, it lets users know what to expect from you.

The process of Branding involves two parts

1) The complete Blogging Strategy

2) The visuals of the strategy

If you are not a hobby blogger and you are enthusiastic solopreneur or an entrepreneur, then your blog needs a plan to overcome the 2 million blogs all around the world. For instance, you don’t have a blogging planner/schedule, and you are posting blog posts like want. This will not give a fruitful user experience for your readers.

You must have a consistent posting schedule. This where the branding strategy comes in the picture.

 The five-step Brand Strategy framework:

What is your Mission?

What is your vision?

Who is this blog?

Why are you doing this?

What is the user benefit?

Answer all these questions and click here to get the free blog branding printable

8 branding elements you need for your blog:

These are the visual representation of your brand voice.

  1. Brand name (The domain name)
  2. Slogan (The tag line)
  3. Logo (The primary logo, The alternative logo and the sub marks)
  4. Colour Palette
  5. Typography
  6. Design Elements
  7. Photography style
  8. Social media image templates

What are the free tools available?

I personally use Canva, and I recommend Canva for bloggers. The free version lets you create all the visuals you need for your blog.

If you are a solopreneur ready to invest in branding yourself, there are so many courses available, and there are many websites and consultants to help you to do this.

I hope this link does well https://www.howtofascinate.com/

One last Take away:

The customer journey of a blog:

I hope this is a new term for a newbie blogger.  Branding smoothens the customer journey of a blog is the essence of this blog post.

let me clarify with an example

You are a user/stranger somewhere sitting in your room or travelling in a bus or in your in office. I really don’t know who you are, what do you do , but my work here as a brand is to write for you. So how is it possible for me to write for a stranger?   This is the work of every content writer. While Branding, you will analyze what makes a reader clicks the blog post. The brand finds out the user pain points and researches a solution for the pain points and addresses it in a blog post. So when you search in google, you will find my blog post if I resolved your pain points.

user>reader>Subscriber>Engaged subscriber>customer

Journey of a stranger to an email subscriber 1
What is Branding and Why is it essential for your blog? 2

If you can ease this customer’s journey, then you can traffic for sure.

leave your comments below if you have created a branding strategy from my free blog branding printable

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