19 types of blog posts you can write:

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Are you writing the same types of blog posts every time? Bored with creating one type of blog post? Every blogger faces writer’s block. Instead of fighting with the same type of blog post, let your creative juices flow. write in some different format from the ones you read below. 

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Are you writing the same types of blog posts every time? 

Bored with creating one type of blog post?

Truth is, your readers can tell when something is more monotonous in your writing.

One of the effective ways of overcoming lack of content ideas is to have a big resource file. A framework of ideas of blog posts. 

Every blogger faces writer’s block. Instead of fighting with the same type of blog post, let your creative juices flow. write in some different format from the ones you read below. 

Here are the 19 different types of blog posts you can try.

Why create a variety of blog posts? Why not stick to one type of blog post?

You enter a shop and find a dress in the same color but in different sizes. Do you look around the shop? 


The thing is, even if you are superb at writing, if you are writing in the same pattern, your readers get bored. You should learn to teach the same thing in different styles. That is the aim of this blog post. 

In this article you are going to see the types of blog posts you can write. This is common for every niche, no matter what niche you are in. You can create these types of blog posts.

!9 types of blog posts you can write

How to use the different types of blog posts?

Once you have defined the content you have to write, you can choose on the type of blog post from the below list.

For example, 

You want to write on “Blogging advice for beginners” .

Either write a long list post “55 actionable blogging tips for new bloggers”


Write as a roundup post, including advice from bloggers in your niche- 

“Best blogging advice from top 25 experts”. 

Or you can create an Infographic on the same topic. It is of your choice. 

The content remains the same, the way of delivering the message differs. 

This is how you can use these different types of blog posts.

Tutorial posts:

The evergreen posts of every blog are the tutorial and How to posts. This is because these posts solve a particular problem for the audience. 

To come up with the ideas to create tutorial posts, find what are the most asked questions in your niche.

You can dig into Quora or Reddit to find the topics that your readers are searching for. 

Teach them step-by-step. The easier your tutorial is, higher is the reach of your content. 

Took at the tutorial post I have written- How to create seamless Instagram carousel in canva

List posts:

Everybody loves to read lists. They are easy to scan. 

To be frank, it takes time to create list posts. 

But these lists are the ones that get more social shares. 

You can create a list on almost any topic you want. 

It is of your choice. If your list is useful and has everything covered, you get more organic shares and likes. 

Check this 100 life hacks list. 

Case studies:

Case studies come into picture when you want to write on something successful. You can write a case study on how someone has used your product or service and got benefitted. 

Case studies can do wonders because they are the social proof of your business.

They are easy to write, as it involves the actual story of achievement. All you need to know is an effective storytelling that converts your readers into buyers. 

To write a case study, you can communicate with your buyers/customers and ask them how your product has enhanced their business or life. Include that in your case study. 


When you check the top blogs in your niche, you can find they may have some business projections of a product.

They write about them. 

News posts are short posts that share the most important information in the industry.

If you want to include news post in your blogging schedule, know this

  • You should have a minimal audience and have interest in reading news. 
  • Be quick and fast [yesterday’s news is not the new one today] 
  • News has a quick expiry date and you cannot repurpose them into an evergreen content.


Infographics need not be of pin size, as you see in Pinterest. You can create infographics of any size and shape, about any information. 

Infographics can be charts, statistics, step-by-step tutorials, instructions or even funny facts.

These posts get more shares, as they are visually pleasing. You can get more backlinks for infographics than you can get for other posts.

You can make your infographics shareable by including a code at the end of the post. 

In this post, you can find “how television affects child” as an infographic image

Product reviews:

Product reviews work well besides other posts. I have written so many product reviews.

It is most essential when you want to make money with affiliate marketing. 

Reviewing a product in your industry gets most trusted.

People read reviews before purchasing a product. When you have covered everything about the product. Your post is most trusted and people come back for more. 

Expert Roundups:

Expert roundups build more personality and knowledge to your blog. Find the experts in your blog. Reach the experts and ask the question that your readers are desperate in looking for answers. 

Compile the responses from the experts.

Curate them into an evergreen content that’s shareable. 

The beauty is you can get more traffic with this type of post. 

Imagine what happens, 

When an influencer with 1 million followers (The expert from where you have got an opinion) shares your post, what happens? 

You can reach new audiences. Be sure to inform the experts when your post is live. Don’t force or urge them to share your post. Let that be their choice of sharing. If they share, it is your luck that you can meet a new audience.  

Few tips to write expert posts:

  • Start with a research: You need to find the right people to contribute for your blog post. The real and the actual experts.
  • Ask a specific question: Don’t ask something that you can get answers from google. For example: a question “Share your best tips to create a shareable content” is a too open ended question. You can get answers for those questions. Instead ask them something more specific.
  • Outline what you expect: Be upfront in looking for how detailed you want your answers are. For example, ask them “Can you please detail in 3 lines or 3 steps”


If you are a gamer, you know how important it is to have cheat codes and cheat sheets. 

The same here in the business, the work you do have a repeated process, 

You can create checklists and cheat sheets.

This helps your readers to speed their process without forgetting the important ones. 

Checklists help you in growing your email list.

You can make the checklist as a pdf copy and send your subscribers. 

Who doesn’t love a checklist? 

Signup for my free checklists here 

Controversial posts:

Did something big happen in your industry? Can you make sarcasm around it? Here is where the controversial posts come into picture. 

For example, I see so many YouTube tutorials on “how to start a YouTube channel without investing a lot”

If someone can start a channel with just a mobile phone, what is the use of investing in digital cameras? 

That is how controversy comes into the picture. 

The truth is “where there is a will, there is a way”, you can build a business if you are passionate and ready to work hard. 

You can write controversy posts to stir the emotions of the readers. At the same time, you can burst the myths that exist in your niche

Resource lists:

Who doesn’t want the resources that exist in the niche? Build a big resource of something that is popular in your niche and share it with your readers. 

While these posts help you build back links too. 


Step-by-step tutorials and guides are evergreen. Because everyone is searching for something every minute. So writing detailed and practical guides will be more useful for your readers.

Later on you can repurpose the guides into videos or social media posts. 

Take a look at the detailed guide on wordpress setup.

Comparison posts: 

People like to compare products before they want to buy something. Think of two or more useful products in your niche and write a review about it and compare it with the other one. 


  • Loreal foundations vs lakme foundation
  • Canva vs pic monkey, etc. 

Take a look at the comparison between two products here

FAQ posts:

When you can summarise the frequently asked questions in your blog post, it is useful for your audience, as they have been already searching for answers to. 

You can build this as a long list of questions which would be a good sharing material and you can even categorise and split it into a series of posts. This gives you more mileage to run without scratching your head for content. 

These posts remain evergreen, as searching never stops with the readers. 

Take a look at all the most asked questions in Blogging here.                                                                                              

Podcast Shows:

Podcasts are blooming all over the world. With new podcasts popping up every day, replacing the screen time with people, podcasts will gain popularity soon.

One of the easiest ways to integrate the audio version of your podcast with your blog and publish with a written transcription. 

There are many word press plugins that can integrate your podcasts with word press. 

You can find how Amy has integrated her podcast show – online marketing made easy here.


We are always fond of stories. As business bloggers, you need some inspiration to carry over your success. If you can write an inspirational story of yours or someone you follow, it is interesting to read. As bloggers, it is not the only work of us to publish tutorials and guides. It is important to pump up some special emotions in our readers. 

Video tutorials:

Vlogs are in the rise of popularity these days. You can find some vlogs on YouTube these days. Updating your blog with videos can have so many benefits for your site. 

  • Videos are interesting and impactful 
  • You can show up and connect with your audience. 
  • Videos are trending in 2021.

If you can embed YouTube videos and cross promote your blog on YouTube, you can grow both your blog and YouTube. 

This tutorial has a youtube video- Instagram seamless carousel in canva

Sharing behind the scene secrets:

People are always interested to find out what is happening behind the scene. 

May it be a movie or a television show, people want to know how a thing is made or created. 

I saw a video on YouTube, How Faber Castell is making the color pencils. 

I love to watch those videos of my products. 

You can show them how you made a video, or how you write something, or how your organisation works day by day, etc. 

Contests and giveaways:

Looking for blog post ideas that drive enormous traffic to your blog? 

Then you need to run a contest or giveaway on your blog. 

This type of post goes viral and helps you to build your email list quicker. 

Free giveaways need not be an iphone or a mac. You can sell your products with a discounted offer. Or you can give free digital downloads you have.


If you are writing too many technical terms in your blog post, then you can write a glossary of the words you use. 

If someone who is new, think of them, how it is for them to understand the technical terms? 

They have to google it now and then while reading your post. 

A glossary post can be helpful in such terms.

You can ask in the polls (FB polls) or in the email surveys to understand what your readers are struggling with. 

Final words:

Every blogger struck with writer’s block looking at the blank page. Each one of us has struggled with a lack of ideas. When you are learning to stay consistent, it is frustrating when you don’t know what to write.

The truth is there is always a way to create content, from tutorials to interviews. Use some types of blogs and start conveying your message in different styles.

Consider signing up my mailing list so that you get blogging tips and tricks every week.  

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