The real truth about blogging for money[Top secrets revealed]

Do you know the real truth about blogging and getting started as a blogger? Then here are the unrevealed truth about blogging

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Good to see you clicking on this post!Real truth about blogging

I firmly believe you don’t open this post without frills; you opened this because you want to know some real facts about blogging.

  • You may be a person who wants to be a blogger and wanted to know the real truth about blogging.
  • You are blogging a while, and you didn’t earn a single penny yet, you need to know what is the strategy bloggers are using to make money.
  • You spent a lot in buying too many courses and still couldn’t a way to earn.
  • You feel like blogging is dead.

Answer me truly:

Will blogging be a successful career? Is this question keeps on popping in your mind? If your answer is Yes, then you are in a bad state of doubting your capacity. If your answer is NO, then welcome to the 1% multitasker club.

Yes, you need to plant your skill in multitasking. That is the real truth about blogging.

Real Truth about blogging 1: Successful blogging needs a Multitasker:

Imagine yourself as a person who doesn’t know anything about blogging. But you tend to read that you can earn a lot of money from blogging, you can be your boss, so many things like this. Now you have got an influence over blogging, and you wanted to start a blog. Answer honestly

How will you start the blog and make money? How will you manage time for running the business? I can add so many questions like this. And every newbie blogger must have answered these questions.

What are the skills a blogger need?

Myth1: You need no technical skills to blog.

You need technical skills in the blog. (Even though you can set up your blog through someone, there are people around there to set up your blog) but you must at least learn to the basics of WordPress.

Myth 2: You can hire someone for graphics and writing

Nooo… you can hire someone but its waste of spending too much money at the start. You need to learn to create and edit your posts and the images for your posts.

Myth 3: You don’t need any investment other than hosting charges

You have heard this saying from most of the bloggers. You can earn money without investing a lot. But the real truth is that you need a few software and you have to pay for it so that you can gain a long-term profit. You must perceive things in the long term. Taking your blog from hobby to business surely needs some investment. Every business deserves an investment.

To sum up, A blogger should know

·      How to write an outstanding blog post

·      Create mouth wandering images- you need photography skills

·      Editing the pictures, you need a basic design knowledge.

·      Planning the business strategy

·      How to communicate with the people

·      The essential marketing skills for bloggers

I didn’t write all these to scare you. These are the ugly truths that bloggers don’t share easily.

Truth 2: Blogging is a legitimate way to earn money.

 There are about 2 million blogs in the world. If people cannot make money, will there be these many blogs? If someone can earn money, then you can’t you earn? Pause for a minute and think.

You can proceed further if you believe that you can make money. Otherwise, it’s of no use to read the whole blog post with this doubt in your mind.

How do bloggers earn money?

Way 1: Ads

Bloggers earn money by placing ads in their blog. You can signup to the ads network like Google AdSense and place ads in your post. You earn when someone clicks or purchases something through your ads. You can sell private ads too. Does it make sense?

For example:

 If you have blog visits of 20000 a day, then 20000 people would have seen your ads some of them say 2000 might have clicked, if CPC (cost per click) is 0.10Rs then you will be earning 200 Rs.

Hope you had a clear idea about this.

Way 2: Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing means earning money for referring your readers to buy other products. For example, if a person has created a new video editing software. He/she wants to sell their product. He/she agrees to give you a commission for each sale you make. This is called affiliate marketing. He/she will provide you with a unique link that will track your affiliate code. If someone on your site clicks on the link and purchases the product, you will receive a commission.

Way 3: Selling products(digital/physical)

You can make enourmous money with this one. You can make your niche products and sell it for the needy.

Way 4: writing eBooks and so on

There are so many ways of earning through blogging if I talk about each and everything that will spoil the essence of this post. Let’s continue with the untold truths about blogging.

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Truth 3: Blogging is a tedious work

Blogging is a time-consuming work, which means you can’t earn the very next day after you have started the blog. You need to build authority, people must believe you, read your articles and it takes time. Most of the bloggers might be sharing their first-month earning reports. The actual question that arises here is

  • How did they make in the first month?
  • How long do they work?

You cannot believe something blindly, it’s obvious. You have to talk to them and know the answers to all these questions.

How did they earn in the first month?

According to me, it’s hardly possible. If you are doing some client services like web designing, social media marketing etc. you can gain a customer in the first month. Otherwise, fashion bloggers, travel bloggers and other niche bloggers, must follow a well learnt and tested strategy to earn.

The best blogging strategy should be like

  • Well defined goals and objectives
  • Identifying the target audience for your niche
  • Summarising your niche competitors
  • Deciding your role (answer what is the problem you are going to solve them)
  • Optimise your site for the search engine (SEO)
  • Decide your best social media profile and their marketing strategy
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Measuring and analysis of your work.

Every earning blogger will be going through these stages for sure. I know a few bloggers who get 1,00,000 page views per month and make 250 dollars and bloggers who get only 30,000 page views per month and make 3000 dollars. When it comes for blogging for profit the real strategy behind the screen is

  • Converting your reader to subscribers
  • Converting your subscribers to customers.

You need only the targeted traffic.

How long do they work?

I work at least 5-15 hours to write a blog post. Honestly, writing a blog post is laborious. How good you are in English; it will take so much time in the beginning. People may say they work only 2 hours a day and they are earning so many dollars, I hardly believe these facts. Writing blog posts involve

Choosing a great headline, finding keywords, writing content, preparing images, creating the images for social media, and so on. Do you think that you can accomplish all these in just one hour? When you master these skills, you can surely do it.

Truth 4: It’s not about being a number cruncher

Every blogger talks about ranking. The real fact here is you cannot rank first in google; you have to focus on customer satisfaction. You have to solve the issues of your target audience, that is the best way to build authority.  The google search results are specified or personalised because of the local search results option.

You need not rank first

For instance, You are an Indian, and you want to buy a car, and your budget is five lakhs.  To find the best cars in the market, you will google it.

How will google it? You will type “best cars under five lakhs.”

The search results will be like this

Localised search result for india 1024x513 1
The real truth about blogging for money[Top secrets revealed] 3

For the same keyword, a person in the United States will get the result as

Localised search result for us
The real truth about blogging for money[Top secrets revealed] 4

what I wish to say is, ranking no 1 is not the ultimate success of blogging. Even the top bloggers won’t rank every time. Stop focusing on being number one and start focusing on your reader satisfaction.

Truth 5: Never try Black Hat tricks

Never try all the wrong and illegal techniques to make our blog accessible.  Few of them includes – practising Black Hat SEO techniques, link building mistakes, buying random traffic online, using cloaking in SEO, Cookie Stuffing etc. We should never practice these techniques. You can see some quick results by doing so, but later at some point, you will face the consequences also, which can even lead to penalising your website from the search engines. So, we should play by the rules such as following White Hat SEO techniques, using LSI keywords instead of Keyword stuffing etc. It may take some time to show the results, but it will be a long-term success, and you can rely on them.

Truth 6: It’s about being Consistent

You need consistent efforts and writing to get great results and never let your blog be sterile. Prepare a blog publishing schedule and hook on. If you are publishing consistently, your readers will know when to expect a new post from you. There will be a significant increase in site traffic and your trust factor.

In the beginning, You may get no, or only a few comments. Be confident and optimistic as long as you have new visitors every day, and they spend some time on your page. Keep on producing new quality posts on your blog, No matter how many publish. In the end, Quality wins over quantity.

Truth 7: Target multiple revenue sources

As a blogger, when you depend on the only one blog to meet the ends, It’ll be like putting all the eggs in a single basket. You should always try to branch off your income and open several streams for income generation. If anything, wrong happens, you should plan to have other unconventional sources of income to earn.


Now that we have talked about seven real truth about blogging, you need to know. To make money blogging, you have to be

  • Innovative
  • Collaborative with other bloggers
  • Skilful writer
  • Creative thinker
  • Influential and energetic promoter

When you decide to take blogging as a career, you must know “What’s the future of blogging?”.

Trust me. Blogging is evergreen. It’s the best passive income source, according to me. At least for the next 25 years. The future of blogging is bright. I’ll tell you why. The consumption of content has increased dramatically over this decade. Reasons are the prevalence of smartphones, cheap internet connections, an increase in literacy rate, etc. There are tons of niches, in which there are no quality content writers.

As of now, there is less awareness of blogging being a career option; blogging will be a fruitful career option in the future. If you realise all these things and are yet struggling to choose to blog as a career, mail me up at [email protected]. Let me know your views on this in the comments section below.

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