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If you have read how to start a blog, you would realize that I recommend self-hosting your website with Hostinger. I understand that some of you are still unsure about the blogging platforms.

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If you have read how to start a blog, you would realize that I recommend self-hosting your website with Hostinger. I understand that some of you are still unsure about the blogging platforms.

This post is to address the beginners block – which blogging platform is best?

Here are some of the standard blogging platforms:

•    Paid Self-hosted WordPress (

•    Free platforms like Blogger, WordPress

•    Paid website builders like Wix, Squarespace, Weebly etc.

I recommend choosing a Self-hosted WordPress.

What is a Self-Hosted Website?

It means you sign up for a paid hosting account with a company like Hostgator and host a blog and domain name for yourself. The real benefit is everything yours. A hosting, a domain name, designing the blog, and so on.

You are a hobby blogger; then it’s your choice to take free platforms or paid platforms. In case you are a business minded like me, I suggest self-hosted WordPress like mind.

I will explain the complexities of each below.

A glimpse of what you will learn:

•    What the best blogging platform that suits you

•    Why do you need a self-hosted website?

•    Pros and cons of sites like Wix, Squarespace and Weebly

•    Pros and cons of Blogger,free

•    The must know difference between and

Why the Need for Self-Hosted Websites?

If you are running a business, you need your own assets. That means a website and hosting for your database.

“Big journeys begin with small steps.”

The page builder websites like Wix, Squarespace and Weebly will not provide you with an asset like self-hosted WordPress.

 Going for free options like Wix/ Squarespace will prevent you from doing that. They also include hosting, so that there is a no need for web host— but that means you can’t move your website out of Wix.

Page builders may cease tomorrow and decide to close your blog, and ‘there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.Your content ends in the drain.

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Still, you want to go ahead with page builders? Ahh haaah…

Pros of Website Builders:

•    Simple and very user-friendly – Thanks to the Drag and drop builders.

•    You can get a website in the wink of an eye.

•    Can create a professional website.

Cons of Website Builders:

•    Limited functionality

•    Fewer options to grow your business

•   A temporary de-indexing of wix websites done by Google.

•    It’s not economical when compared to self-hosted.

General FAQ:

1.Are Wix and Weebly gives instantaneously good-looking websites?

Yes, I agree! They give you a looking website in a fraction of time.

You may be influenced to use Wix, Squarespace over WordPress because it gives you a good-looking website in a swift.

However, you can’t find anything more powerful than WordPress.

The sites in WordPress have power and design.

 Wordpress is the best content management system with more than 3 billion active installs. This number shows the trust factor of WordPress.

2.Is Wix, Weebly and Squarespace cheaper than WordPress?

In common, these paid site builders are more expensive when compared to self-hosted WordPress.

(Hosting + domain name+ premium theme) per month = 3 to 5 dollars.

Wix and Weebly are comparatively costlier than WordPress

3.Who can opt for Wix and Weebly?

People who need a pretty looking website with no other power can go for wix and Weebly.  For instance, you are a freelancer, and you just need to showcase your talents in a single page then you can go ahead with Wix and Weebly.

An Artist who needs to display his work.

Free sites like Blogger and

You can create your website fast and free.

I prefer these platforms for learners, here you don’t own anything. Still, you can run google adsense and earn money but not like self-hosted. So, you can learn with them and not earn from them.

These blogs don’t look in a professional way, the modern-day buyers prefer professional websites when making a buying decision.

Pros of Blogger:

•    It is free

•    Easy to create a blog in a swift.

Cons of Blogger:

•    No more professionalism. No custom domain name.

The domain names of the blogger is and domain names of WordPress is

•    You can’t expect a blog revenue in 6 digits.

Who Should Go For and free

Hobby bloggers can opt for blogger and free WordPress.

What is the difference between the free & the self-hosted

Here are the 3 biggest differences:

•   Ownership: For, it’s yourself. For, it is WordPress.

•    Cost: You will be spending a minimal amount every month for hosting in and its free in

•  Features and functions: you can get a custom domain name in after paying, and has good features compared to it.

I recommend you read the great article by WPbeginner

In a Nutshell, why to choose self-hosted

  • You have an online asset.
  • You can customize and earn the way you want
  • You can have mobile optimised sites.

You have a great support community and much more.

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