Helping Coaches ditch their boring,

Soul-less websites into a website

that actually makes Money !

Are you getting overwhelmed just by thinking about setting up your blog or Coaching Website Just like what you see here?

You tried Word press, spent hours on customising the look of your website with 100s of youtube videos?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Learning WordPress sometimes be a uphill battle, especially to people who are non-techy like me.

Instead of wasting the time of setup you could do something really essential in your business.

What makes harder in setting up wordpress is learning things all alone by yourself. In this last of 5 years of my journey I have a single time setup system, You need to spend days in setting up your blog.

To help you out, I’ve created a few packages that will set up your profitable blog or coaching website like this. If you are looking for a customised website for your busines you can contact me through the contact form in this page.

WordPress Website Packages

Premium Blog Setup

Get your Blog/Website done for you

A Complete WordPress Blog Package.

You can start adding content, the next day as I finish the setup done. Your blog designed as per your brand and connected with email marketing services and works perfectly fit and fine. If you have a shop its connected to the payment gateway and all things done.

Creative Website package includes :

  • WordPress Setup. 
  • Shop Page.
  • Email Marketing setup.
  • Landing Page templates for your products.
  • Legal pages you need.
  • Payment gateway connected.
  • Email automation swipe file will be delivered to you, so that you know what you can send to your subscribers.

Elite Coaching Website

If you are a coach and you want a complete coaching website like this as you see here,

Then this package is for you. Once you book a call with me, let’s have a discussion on your coaching setup and figure out what is essential and kick start the project. This package includes professionally Done for you website along with Membership setup [if needed]. This site is done by me for me. Before booking the call have an entire look at the systems here.

Elite Coaching Website Package Includes:

  • WordPress Setup. 
  • Shop Page[If Needed]
  • Membership setup[If needed]
  • Email Marketing setup.
  • Landing Page templates for your courses
  • Courses page templates.
  • Legal pages you need.
  • Payment gateway connected.

Let’s Kickstart your online Business

Why work with me?

Hi I’m Durga!

I’m a Digital Marketer and a Web designer and I’ve been creating websites for small businesses, coaches and bloggers for the past 5 years.

I know and I have been there to know how daunting it is to create your own website with just the YouTube and web Tutorials.

What I learnt is there is no point in learning the technical stuff in setting up your blog or website[Even though its Money saving but it is time wasting]Trust Me i know much time it takes to setup a well designed website.

As a digital marketer I know how you can grow your online business, you need to be  creating content and build a following, not bogged down in learning to design that perfect header !

Let’s skip this tedious website-set-up-process…

Save yourself the time you are spending..

Let’s kickstart your profitable online business.

Let’s Talk…