How to write click-worthy headlines for your blog posts?

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Thinking of writing headlines for your blog posts? In this post, you will learn to write click-worthy headlines for your blog posts, included with actionable templates and tools.

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Thinking of writing headlines for your blog posts?

What’s the most challenging part of writing a blog post?

For me focusing on consistency and writing headlines for my blog post. 

Your headline is the first and only impression you make on your reader. From a content marketing standpoint, headlines are the most essential part of a blog post. Copywriters say that writing great headlines is an excellent skill. 

Without a promising headline, no one will turn to your blog post. 

What’s a click-worthy headline?

Headlines carry a considerable burden. With just 60 characters- headlines have a great job of grabbing the reader’s attention. 

Stop the scrollers and make them click and read your post. We need to accept that we are just scanning a page and not reading the content. 

A click-worthy headline is the sum of the best parts of the blog post with rich keywords and evoking emotion.

On the other hand, a well-written, clever headline increases your blog traffic by drawing the reader’s attention.

How to write click-worthy headlines every time?

With the importance of headlines said, the question arises, how do I write a click-worthy headline every time?

In the blog post writing process, I have explained the blog post’s structure and mentioned that you need to write your headlines at the end of the blog post. 

When you write headlines at the end, you have an ample amount of time to test and rewrite the headlines. 

Here are the quick winning tips for writing better headlines.

Focus on your readers:

When you are drafting a headline, you should think from the standpoint of your readers. Targetting their benefits and pain points. 

When the headline is catchy enough to provoke emotion in your reader, it means you are breaking the ice point. Make sure you match your headline with the search intent of the reader. 

Follow the trend of what’s working:

There is no wrong with following the trend. Until and unless you become a trendsetter, you can follow the trend. 

Here’s how you can find what is working: 

  1. Go to Pinterest and enter the topic you want to write about, and find few variations of the headlines. 
  2. If you are using paid tools, then Buzzsumo plays a significant role in identifying what is working around the topic. 
  3. Check what your competitors have written. 
  4. Find out which type of headline has got more social shares. 

Make use of keyword research:

In the ultimate keyword research guide, I shared the whole process of finding keywords from scratch. When you search for the low hanging keywords for your blog post, you will come across few marvellous headlines and note them. 

Brainstorm 5-10 headlines:

From the above methods, If you have chosen few headlines, make a rough draft of them. Once you finish writing your headlines, you can polish them the way you want.

Test and use the headlines on your blog post. 

By the end, you will learn how to test your headlines for optimal success. You can test your headlines with the headline analyser tools. There is no shortcut or well-known success formula for headlines. A/B testing is the only way of finding What will work. 

Headline Formulas for your blog posts:

In this post, we are comprehending the intimidating world of blog post headlines. I’ll showcase my readymade headline formulae and templates that you can customise to write catchy and click-worthy titles. There are 5 formulas that I am going to address in this blog post.

The How to headline:

The well known and most used headlines. These how-to headlines are the most famous among them because your readers have a problem to which you hold an answer. 

The success of this headline lies in the quality of your content. The way you solve a specific problem of your reader in-depth. 


  • How to start a blog and make money online
  • How to lose 5kgs a week without fat burners
  • How to overcome failure and depression the better way.

When looking at the above examples, I finish the headlines with a time frame or a pressing problem. Which means I am addressing a specific audience. 

  • How to use lose weight using the keto diet?
  • How to make a choco vanilla cake without eggs.

You go the drift. 

The more specific your headline is higher is your click-through rate.

The List headline:

Listicles are crowd-pleasing. Who doesn’t love the long list of tips and tricks or hacks? A list post shares steps, hacks, tips, tricks that leads the audience to the desired outcomes. 


  • 7 ways to grow your blog post with Pinterest
  • 101 ways to persuade your readers with your words
  • 35 tips to make yourself sleep better
  • 3 successful ways to build traffic to your new blog.

Comparison headline:

There are a lot of products available nowadays. People are information overloaded. Your readers are constantly looking for better reviews and opinions for the products they are going to buy. 

These comparison blog posts will serve your readers with the knowledge to make a decision.


  • Instagram vs Snapchat- Which social media platform to focus on for Gen Z
  • Tik Tok vs Instagram Reels – What is better from the marketing standpoint?
  • Keto vs Paleo diet – Which is better for who?
  • Lakme vs Loreal kajal sticks – A comparison between the best.

Ultimate Guides headline:

Guides can be similar to “how to- tutorial” posts. They teach the reader in an in-depth way. Sometimes it doesn’t mean that way. 


  • An ultimate guide to using headline studio by coschedule headline analyser
  • The only guide you ever need to build a successful blog from scratch
  • An Epic guide on various methods of weight loss

Results revealing headlines:

Intimidating your readers with these headlines. You are sharing the result directly in the headlines to make the readers click the blog post. 


  • Get 10000 Instagram followers in just 6 months with this simple technique.
  • Lose 5kgs a week with the keto diet.
  • Lose your wrinkles in 5 weeks that makes you look 5 years younger.

Actionable tips on writing headlines for your blog posts:

  • Don’t use Passive voice when writing headlines. Make sure you are always writing in active-passive.
  • It’s your first most priority to ensure you provide in-depth content that you promise with your headline.
  • Your headline should reinforce what is in it for the reader. 
  • Verify whether your headline is using the language of the reader. Don’t use industry jargon words that lead them to confusion.
  • Your headlines should provoke emotion. May it be an urgency or strong inspiration. 
  • Headlines should be a go-getter. You don’t need much creativity in headlines. Instead, it should touch and make the readers feel it’s written for them.
  • Include numbers in your headlines. As they are catchy. 
  • Make proper use of adjectives. 
  • Let it have a better call to action.
  • Use emotional and powerful words in your headlines.
  • Use proper length for the titles.
  • Create 2-3 working versions of the headline so that you can find out what’s working. 

Readymade headline templates that you can use now:

Till now, you have seen the types of headlines and writing tips. Now it’s time to assist you with the headline templates. 


  • This is not a fixed template. I have shown this too can be done. You can rearrange the way you want it.
  • At times keywords and what you want to deliver will be the same. Don’t scratch your head for the words.
  • Make sure you promise something to your reader. Find out what’s stopping them from what they want to achieve and add them.

With keyword research, you have a list of primary and secondary keywords; use them wisely.

Template 1:

How to + Action + Adjective+Keyword+ subject(Promise)


  • How to lose weight naturally without diet plans
  • How to start a blog to make money online
  • How to beat the Instagram algorithm and grow your influence.

Template 2:

Number + Noun +adjective+keyword +Promise


  • 7 tips on engaging with your followers the easy way
  • 11 simple hacks to rank your blog 
  • 4 exercises that help you naturally lose belly fat

In the above examples, if you see, I didn’t use the template the same way; I rearranged it the way I want. You can grasp the template and use it the way you want. 

Template 3:

Noun+Guide to +Action+Keyword+Promise


  • An ultimate guide to using google keyword planner to find better keywords.
  • The definitive guide to boosting your Instagram followers
  • Easy guide on choosing the right foundation cream for your skin.

Template 4:

Emotional Word/Promise + Number +keyword +subject


  • Top 20 bloggers sharing their best blogging tips
  • Free tools to write better and faster.
  • Stop doing these 12 things to grow your youtube subscribers.

Template 5:

Call to action+Keyword+Promise


  • Signup now to receive your free resources to grow your blog
  • Try these 20 tips to boost your blog traffic.

Tools to write better headlines for your blog post:

Tool 1: Tweak your biz:

This is my go tool for writing headlines. It generates 100s of headlines in seconds. You can brainstorm the one you want. 

As every tool makes a mistake. Even in this world of artificial intelligence, no machine can replace manpower. So the auto-generated headlines won’t be perfect sometimes. You can filter what you want. 

Here is the screenshot of the headlines I got from the tool for this blog post. 

Tool 2:Coschedule Headline analyser

After finalising my headlines, I use a coschedule headline analyser to check the score of my headline. If the score didn’t meet the expectations, then I rewrite the headline. 

This is my go-to writing tool. Below is the screenshot of my headline for this blog post. 

I again rewrote for a better score, and here is the other one.

Tool 3: Hoth title generator:

When I tried with the headlines for this blog post, this is what hoth has given me. 

This intellectual tool generates headlines by asking the most relevant questions. If you can answer the questions correctly, it gives the proper titles. 

Tool 4: Seopressor title generator:

I got few headlines for this blog post. The thing is, you need to use the most generic terms like “headlines”. When you are impressed with a headline, you can modify it to your needs. 

Tool 5: Impact blog title generator:

This tool shares with you the most used template. You can fill in the titles as you want.

Hope you have got a whole drift of writing headlines. 


Writing click-worthy headlines takes time to master. You need to keep writing, practising and testing. 

There’s no sure-fire way to write. It’s the practice. 

Write- Iterate- Practice!

To master the blogging process, grab my free Content writing kit. Share this with people who are interested in blogging.

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