How to create a seamless Instagram carousel in Canva

Ever wanted and curious about seamless Instagram carousel? Let's create a seamless Instagram carousel in canva.

Want to create Seamless Instagram carousels in canva? Let’s see what it is first.

Instagram is a visually oriented social media platform. Many brands and marketers are leveraging Instagram to advertise their products/services. If you are into building a personal brand, then Instagram would be the first best place to start with.

What is an Instagram carousel?

Instagram has a very effective post format that is carousel. It’s a multiple image posting feature that enables you to add up to 10 photos in a single post. 

Here is a carousel I have created for my personal brand @durga_thiyagarajan.

Check the image below, where you can find the same image running seamlessly to the next post too.

What is a seamless Instagram carousel?

A carousel image that continues to the next slide, people call it a seamless carousel. If you see in the above video when the image in the first slide remains the same in the second slide too.

Checkout my one more post for a better understanding of carousels

This post has got a good engagement rate and a good number of saves.

Why to create seamless Instagram carousels?

19.44% of Instagram posts are carousels, a significant growth compared to 4% recorded when they were first available.

Instagram carousels can be an exciting opportunity for brands and business to 

  • Bring in more engagement 
  • Beautify your feed
  • To stop the scrollers to swipe and make them read your post 
  • Maximise your story telling
  • To showcase your creativity

You can even create carousel adds that bring in more CTR.

So let’s not wait and dive in to know more about creating a seamless Instagram carousel.

Before that, I want to mention that you can use any of the popular design tools to create seamless carousels 

  • Adobe illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Keynote

But in this post I am going to show you how you can create a seamless Instagram carousel in Canva.

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How to create seamless Instagram carousel in canva

Why should I use Canva to create an Instagram carousel?

Canva is emerging as a popular design tool that helps non designers to create designs with their drag-and-drop editor.

You can create almost all the graphic designs using Canva. 

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Seamless Instagram carousel in canva-English

How to create a seamless Instagram carousel in Canva?

Pre requisites:

  • Determine whether you are going to create tutorial posts or fashion posts or some creative posts. 
  • Get ready with the Text.
  • Choose the images.
  • Your brand logo.

I use freepik for images. They have so many fresh photographs and outstanding images that might trigger your audience.

Step 1: create a custom dimension 

Head over to and create a new design with the following dimension.

You can use any of the following dimensions to create the best Instagram post.

  • 1080 X 1080 – Square Posts
  • 1080 X 1350 – Vertical posts

I am choosing the second one. To make better carousels, I prefer going with the vertical image. What we are going to do here is to double the width of the carousel, keeping the height constant.

That means the new carousel dimension is 2160 X 1350 px.

Seamless Instagram carousel in canva

Click on the add pages icon on the right top of Canva and Create 5 pages. 

How to create Seamless Instagram carousel in canva

Now, it’s done with the pages.

Step 2: upload the images 

Upload all the images you want.

I prefer choosing images relevant to the topic you are about to share. As Instagram is a visually oriented platform, the best practice is to choose the right image that conveys the text it carries. 

Here are the few images sites you can check out 

Earlier, most of my Instagram post images are from freepik.

Use the freepik image for seamless Instagram carousel in canva

The Above picture depicts how I find freepik images for my Instagram posts. I choose similar images for a carousel. Mostly you can find these similar images for an account in freepik.

To add Canva images, click on the left then images panel and enter the keywords for the images you want.

canva pro images for instagram

Choose 5 images that we will split into 10.

Add the images to every page and move them to the top left corner and drag it till the bottom right corner, so that the image fills the entire page.

Create seamless Instagram carousel in canva

Step 3: Add text 

Add the text you want.

To add text, tap the Text button on the left and add a heading or small text.

Add text and edit in canva

Add the brand logo 

Edit the text for better visibility.

Step 4: download the images 

Now that you have designed the perfect carousel for Instagram and download all the pages. 

How to download Seamless Instagram carousel in canva

While downloading make sure you download 2x the images.

Step 5: upload and crop it. 

Now unzip the folder you have already downloaded.

We are going to create a new image in Canva and upload these files and crop it.

Create a new dimension in Canva with 1080 X 1350 px

Upload all the 5 images we have previously downloaded.

Create ten pages by clicking the add new page icon.

Add the first image to the first and second slide.

Edit the images and create a perfect carousel in canva

Check out the video below to make sure you do it perfectly.

In the same way, do for the other slides too.

Hurray!! You have created a seamless carousel in Canva.

Download it.

How to upload a seamless Instagram carousel on Instagram?

The last step is to upload the posts we have created.

There are four major steps: 

Step 1: Go to the Instagram app on mobile and tap the + icon as you would normally for every post. On the photo slider, there’s a button on the bottom right that says ‘select multiple’. Tap that button.

Step 2:  Next, you pick photos in the order that you have created. 

Step 3: Add filters if you need, click ‘next’ again.

Step 4: write the caption and hashtags for your carousel. You can also tag your friends and add location.

Now you have an idea about creating a seamless Instagram carousel in Canva. Share it with your friends and leave in the comments below, subscribe to my channel and stay tuned for more about Instagram marketing like this.

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