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How to create a favicon for your blog

28 May 2020

Lets see How to create a favicon for free

A small icon that your readers see when they visit your blog is the favicon.

What is a favicon

The red arrow that shows the favicon of the sites. I am going to show you how easily you can create a favicon for your site.

Why do you need a Favicon?

To give a professional look for your website and to increase your brand awareness you need a site icon aka the favicon for your site.

The favicon helps you look legit and you maintain a brand consistency throughout.

Making a favicon is easy-peasy, Let’s go ahead.

The Link between the favicon and SEO:

Experts say only the legitimate people use favicon in their site. In other words, spammy websites don’t use favicon.

Your Favicon appears in the search result.

link between favicon and seo

This has a prime importance of brand recognisation.

What should your favicon look like?

Most of the brands/blogs use the favicon type listed below

1.Initials as a favicon

types of favicon

2.Logo as a favicon

types of favicon

3.Transparent favicon

types of favicon

You can choose the one as you wish and lets proceed with the creation part.

How to create a favicon in Canva?

We’ll use a free online design platform Canva for this.

Head over to canva.com

Follow these steps:

1.Create a design framework

2.Choose colours

3.Add your design

4.Export the favicon

Step1: Create a Design Frame work:

create a favicon in canva

Go to Canva>Click create a design> Add the custom dimensions 100px x 100px.

You will be taken to a blank screen.

Step 2. Choose colours:

Choose your back ground color or leave it transparent incase you need a transparent logo.

Now to change the background colour click on the blank white canvas and

create a favicon in canva

The Color I use here is #9782ad

create a favicon in canva

3.Add your design:

I have a premade design, so I just insert that to make a design favicon. You can insert your Logo too if you want.

create a favicon in canva 2

The final output is here

create a favicon in canva

For Making Initial Logos:

In the same canvas, Click text>Add a heading >Add the letter

Spice up with your brand colours and elements if you want.

favicon in canva

The final look

letter d favicon

How to install a favicon on WordPress?

Head over to your WordPress dashboard>Appearance>Themes>customise

upload favicon in wordpress

In theme customiser

Click general settings>site identity>Site icon>add or change >upload the file.

You are done.

The Final output

final output of favicon in wordpress

As simple as that.

Happy blogging ! Happy Earning!

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