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You are now travelling from India to Singapore to enjoy your vacation. As soon as you land at the airport, you need to find some taxi to, and by the way, you have to book your hotel to stay. You are in a hurry to do this. How will you google it?

You may type the best hotels to stay or some other phrases you may you. In case you are frequent traveller then you will search immediately

  • Trivago
  • Goibibo
  • Travel triangle and so on.

What are these things called? I hope now got the point. These are the domain names;

The domain name is a company name /Brand name. It is your virtual address in the web world. It must shorten your mission and vision of your brand in a single name, and at the same, it must be easy to remember.

Technically speaking,

What is a Domain?

https://www.blogillence.com, this is the URL. This means the address on the web.

A domain has three parts namely

The root domain

The subdomain

The Top level domain and a protocol.

You can either have a sub-domain or not, but each page of the URL should have a domain name, this is how it is stored.

Top 6 tips for choosing a domain name:

1. Make it easy to type and remember:

The name you want must be relevant to the service you provide. Take your own time to make a list of services you offer and try finding a way to brand.

Tip 1: Use suffix to one of your services

Example: I am a blogging coach, so the domain name I can choose is Blogable.com

2. Make it short and crispy

If you have a very long blog name, people find it hard to type and remember, you risk customers mistyping or misspelling it. Use a straight forward approach.

Tip 2: Use a Prefix to one of your services

Example: Nanoblogging.com

3. Make it Keyword friendly

A keyword is a word/sentence that people type in google to find solutions for their queries. When you include keywords in your URL /domain name, it helps to improve your rank on the search engine. This, in turn, increases the traffic and leads to more organic customers.

Tip: Make your leading service as your keyword

Example:  If you want to make a community for Brahmins, then your name can be Mr.brahmin.com

4. Make it specific to your area

If your business is targeting only a group of people. The better way is to find a domain name targeting the same.

Tip: Trying your local city names/ community people, etc.

Example: If you have started a blog for moms then your domain name can be ShivsMom.com, tamilmomsclub.com, cbemomsclub.com

5. Make it Numberless and symbol free

It’s self-explanatory, and the best examples fit this is Blogging123.com, Blogging-Mom.com

6. Make it fresh/New

Try not to rename a similar product that is already popular. Let your domain name be a blank slate. Being a trendsetter much more significant than a follower.

Example:  In the field of toys, a company want a name as racinzcarz.com but its well known to everybody about the racing cars and formula one cars. So it is not a great idea to come up with this name.

Wikipedia says TLDs means “A top-level domain (TLD) is one of the domains at the highest level in the hierarchical Domain Name System of the Internet.”

What is TLDs?

Let me break it in simple English , TLDs is the suffix at the end of the URL. Some Top level domains include

.com – commercial

.net – infrastructure/Network

.org – organisation(Non-profit)

.edu- schools

.co – commercial

.biz- business

.gov- government

.com is the still most recognised, easiest to brand outside the tech world and people favours as shortcut ctrl+enter to type the .com in google.

Example: if your domain is duckling.com, then its more accessible for people to remember and type. They can quickly type duckling and then press ctrl+enter; there they can land in the desired page.

Loaded with these tips, you may have a question as  What are the domain name generation tools available for free?

Let me address this too, and in the later we will see the SEO for the domain name.

Top 6 domain name generation tools for free:

Even after you have come up with something catchy and worthy enough for your brand, you may find that the .com domain is taken by someone. That only leads you back to the first, then starts the more hair-pulling and headaches.

Here the top 6 domain name generators that are free.

 1.Name mesh.com






Final take away:

Google has confirmed that the domain name doesn’t affect SEO. Which means either you use your name as a domain name or have a company name there is no difference in ranking.

Hope these things helped you attain a greater clarity on the domain name.

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