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You have an idea to start a blog, and you are good at writing content and interested too, the very first step you need to do is to choose a niche for blogging.

So what is a niche means?

Niche means your favourable topic in simple words.

Cambridge dictionary says “a job or position that is very suitable for someone, especially one that they like.”

Something that drives you to do the work, something that grabs your attention and an extreme interest in doing is what we call it a passion. A niche is your passion representative. Here in this post, I will help you rediscover your passion with which you can make money.

Why do you need to choose a niche for blogging?

Always start with the end in mind. In blogging, what is the end? Getting ranked no 1 is the end? Earning money?

Certainly not, making your readers tempted in your blogseizing their attention every second and solving their problems before they address their issue.

If you focus on making money or ranking you will fail after a stage or you will struggle with the aim. But when you focus on reader attention you will automatically rank and as a result you will earn.

Focus on one thing:

You may be a multi-talented as a blogger, but while you are researching for a blog post you will be researching for only one topic. This is the same that happens with the readers.

A survey says, while organising the RSS feed people usually go ahead narrow blogs, they don’t prefer lifestyle blogs targeting various categories.

People know what you want to deliver them clearly this is the main benefit of focusing only one thing.

How to focus on only one thing?

Let me explain it with an example.

Meet Lisa a Psychiatrist and a mom.  She wants to start a side hustle, and she is choosing to blog. What will she write about?

Here comes the point of niche selection.

She is interested in Parenting, so she is focusing on one thing, even though she is a psychiatrist she doesn’t mingle up things here. In Parenting, there are so many topics to consider, but she is choosing a single topic called handling toddlers in this way she has narrowed her point of focus to one subject. If she is talented enough, whatever the questions were thrown she can answer. Now, this seems simple right?

Enhanced decision making

In the first step, you learnt about focus on one thing. By doing this you can define your boundary. Writers struck can be avoided and this the great problem faced by every writer.

If you have a niche blog and you can’t decide about what to write, then you can do the following

1.Go to feedly.com my favourite Rss feeder. You can read your favourite feeder too and get ideas on your niche and learn what is trending.

2. Go to google trends and find what is trending.

3. Go to Quora and find what people problems do your niche people face.

Hope you can make better decision when you have a niche for blogging.

Reliable audience:

A niche blog will help you find an audience. Write for an audience, now you can easily establish a relationship with your audience and they too can. Finally, you will get mutual understanding. What is the benefit of this? People will be ready to buy the products that you refer or they will go ahead with your product. Niche blog now gives you Name, fame and money.

Enhance your knowledge:

As the proverb says, “Master of all, Jack of none”.  You will be the jack when you have a niche blog. You can learn and expertise in one single topic, this enhances your knowledge.  You need not to write so many different articles at a time but you can write one article in so many perceptions or views.

Easy monetisation:

By writing for an audience, you will understand them better and you can solve their problems with the solutions available. This way you can earn. Find better products for your audience.

How to choose a niche for blogging:

Find answer to the following questions and then follow these steps,

  1. Do a keyword research
  2. Find your competitors
  3. Find your affiliate products
  4. Can you make your own product?

The example I am going to consider is a Mom who is a blogger and wants to start a blog in parenting. Her broad niche is parenting and her narrow niche is toddler management, she is an expert in toddler management, now let’s see how will she will she start a niche blog in toddler management.

How to do keyword research?

Go to google and type the keyword. The keyword here is how to handle toddler.

image 16
How to Choose a profitable niche for blogging 7

Observe the auto-suggests terms, you can understand terms that are popular in searches and then you can consider them to write article.

Google Suggest is a great free tool you should use.

2)Find your competitors:

Go to blog search engine and type your keyword and you will get the information about various blogs in your topic.

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How to Choose a profitable niche for blogging 8

You will find various blogs here; read their blogs and understand how they operate. What are the various topics they are writing and the affiliate products are they referring and talk to them.

Find the affiliate products:

Go to google and type your keyword +affiliate program. you will get the affiliate products. See you can refer them and earn. This is the best way to earn money.

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How to Choose a profitable niche for blogging 9

Can you make your own product?

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How to Choose a profitable niche for blogging 10

You can create any physical or online products to your audience. Whatever the niche you choose. This is could be the most profitable one. What are the products I am talking about?

For example, A doctor mom started her journey with creating recipes for children, after knowing her audience, who can’t spare so much time in making those healthy foods, she started her own food company. This is a physical product.

Another one instance, where a lady entrepreneur teaches to write books. A decade back , writing a book was not so easy. But today It became so easy. Thanks to the digital transformation.  This is an example of online product.

Go-ahead and research various blogs in your niche and then find whether you can create product.

Durgs’s Niche formula –

Write a broad niche from the following list of 100+ profitable niches and follow the advice given in the post and find the sub niches. Based on your interest and level of expertise choose a niche for blogging.

See my list of 100 niches and choose one that you are passionate about and follow the steps I mentioned earlier.

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How to Choose a profitable niche for blogging 11

For example

 You are interested in Parenting; you are passionate about writing and you have a great level of expertise in writing and there is a business demand so what you can do is start a blog about making money as a Mom. This is a highly popular niche.  Likewise you do it yourself and come up with a niche and comment on the post.

Hope you have clarified thought about niche selection. Follow the exact steps and after finding your niche comment below .

Here is the 100+ Niches idea for you

image 23
How to Choose a profitable niche for blogging 12

Passion meets profit – The most important segment of niche selection. What is more satisfying than having a something you love as work.

Feel free to contact me regarding niche selection. Comment below your ideas and choices of niche selection

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