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Hello! I'm Durga

Digital Marketing Coach
Author of "Profitable Blogging System"

If building an online business is your choice,then I'm In.

I’m a Blogger,Digital Marketing Consultant and all around business-helper. I help people find the unique voice for their business and share it with the world. I live in India, with my Hubby and my little Kiddo, where you can find me cooking and enjoying life with kids, when I am offline.
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Does this Sound familiar with you?

Are you a serious business blogger?

You have a dream of building an online business?

You have been told online entrepreneurs are the new age business people, who have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, work in any costume and still can earn in 6 figures. Are you among the one thinking that it is so easy to earn 6 figure?

If your answer is YES!

I am going to break that belief.

Because, in reality 90% of the blogs fail due to lack of perseverance and determination. Before you understand this, years would have passed and nothing might have changed in your life.

Am I right?

Here’s How I can help you

 I am a Digital Marketing Consultant, Writer and a Designer. Wearing multiple hats with the experience of more than 5 years in this digital marketing.

I didn’t experience a smooth ride into entrepreneurship, this gradual transition into business owner was high powered and I do experience a lot of tractions.

I upgraded my knowledge by learning while working with various clients.

Now I am a Full time Marketer handling the projects myself.

I just wanted to share this knowledge and experience with people of My kind.

I am Really happy that you landed here,

We both wanted to make our business as successful one.

There are so many professionals who are into freelance business like us

but not everyone is prosperous.

The probable reasons is that they dont have a particular system to take their business to million dollars.

I am well experienced with turning actionable steps into commendable actions so that you can fail proof yourself. We all have the knowledge indulged in us,

we have put those knowledge into implementation and accompolish our goals.

My simple K-I-S formula– Know it-Implement it-Accompolish It.

So this is for someone who is bitting tongue because of the lousy boss or got struck with a job you dont like. Especially if you are a Woman, it’s time to stop following

what you have been told that you can or cannot do.

Crush what the society imposed on you and Be your own boss.

This blog is been created to share with all the essential things every blogger needs at every stage of blogging.

Right from starting the blog to earning , this blog focuses on providing commendable advice to scale your growth.

While I started a blog , struggled a lot to learn about blogging and growing my online business, I decided to learn digital marketing the professional way in a reputed organisation and now I wish to share what i have learnt with my experience.

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