Before Publishing My Best seller The Profitable Blogging System on Amazon,

Before creating the courses, running successful workshops,

Before all this, there was a Village girl, who Doesn’t know anything about Entrepreneurship or Internet based lifestyle.

If someone 7 years ago told me you will be an Entrepreneur earning from home along with enjoying kids and running family,my eye roll would have been loud.

Because in my family, You go to a college, find a job, get married & quit the job to run the family peacefully.

There was never a  talk of “Being a Mom and doing what you love to do”.

How did I end up here as a Digital Marketer?

Nothing derails your plans like choosing between your life partner and career. I wanted both.

Thought what would I do? A series of questions struck in my mind, like How can i do something living in a joint family of 15 Members? How can I compromise being a parent?

All could thought of was to take online classes for GATE students ( At the time of 2016). As it was time consuming, I swaped my career as a Digital Marketer by doing a Professional Digital Marketing course.

That’s what you see here…

Being entirely New to the field of Marketing, I found hundred things I Couldn’t relate to…

At first, nothing went right !

Like I am the “First graduate scenario”, I am the first Entrepreneur in my family.

I really don’t want to ever be on video (You can see on my first youtube channel- I only create slide share videos) or have my pictures plastered across the internet.

And ethically didn’t like sharing my personal life on Internet.

My Important thing is I couldn’t relate to anyone online because everyone was talking about entrepreneurship in their bones, most of the foreigners were working from a kid, selling things right from the school, and built 6 figure income when they are at their 20’s.

I felt like I never fit in this

So even after learning all things about blogging and digital marketing, I was not ready to be an Entrepreneur ! I was doing projects and worked with an agency. Until the time Covid hit, where a massive projects was held, I started training and workshops, found my inner peace lies in training and helping people like me achieve similar results.

I started 6 Weeks live training on Blogging, “The Profitable Blogging Business Bootcamp”. Got  6 six students for the training program through Instagram.

Helped them earn in 3 Months and I was literally happy seeing the results.

So I focused on Instagram Content and gained more students for the next batch and everything went so smooth and good.

Finally decided to launch Ankuram Academy, Wherein I teach courses to creative people and help them turn their skill into a Profitable Online Business.

All I learnt in this 5 years of Digital Marketing(Both working as a Consultant and Trainer), nothing comes great when you stay in your comfort zone.

If You have been told online entrepreneurs are the new age business people, who have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, work in any costume and still can earn in 6 figures. Are you among the one thinking that it is so easy to earn 6 figure?

If your answer is YES!

I am going to break that belief.

Because, in reality 90% of the blogs/online businesses fail due to lack of perseverance and determination. Before you understand this, years would have passed and nothing might have changed in your life.

Am I right?

The probable reason is that they don’t have a particular system to take their business to million dollars.

I am well experienced with turning actionable steps into commendable actions so that you can fail proof yourself. We all have the knowledge indulged in us,

we have to put those knowledge into implementation and accompolish our goals.

My simple K-I-S formula– Know it-Implement it-Accompolish It.

Now after my trainings, I felt like I need to help many people like me to build a Profitable online business.

I am So happy that you landed here.

Let’s build a great community together.

Few Words from people I worked with...

I've been stuck in a rut with my blog for a while, but your course gave me the kick in the pants I needed. I learned how to identify my ideal audience, create killer content, and promote my blog like a pro. My blog is already starting to see more growth and engagement, and I'm excited to keep building on what I've learned.

Prakash kannan

"As a total newbie to blogging, I was nervous about getting started. But your course made everything so simple and easy to understand. I went from feeling overwhelmed to feeling confident and excited about my blog. I highly recommend this course to anyone just starting out."

alamelu arumugam

I've been blogging for years, but I've never seen results like this. Your course gave me the tools and strategies I needed to take my blog to the next level. I'm already seeing more traffic, more engagement, and more income. Thank you!

jegan ramalingam

Thank you for the Content strategy you planned and the excellent keyword research, that helped me gain more visibility and push me forward through the rat race! Excellent work Durga !

karthick Anbalagan

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