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You want to drive more traffic to your blog? 

Would you love to know the 7 ways to drive more traffic to your blog with Pinterest?

Are you looking for fresh and creative ideas?

In this article, I’ll show you 7 effortless ways to use Pinterest to grow your blog and engage with your audience.

Why I love and prefer Pinterest to grow blog:

It drives enormous traffic to your blog. Believe most of my traffic from Pinterest.

You can find new inspirations and collect them all at one place.

Pins will bring readers to your site repeatedly.

Let’s jump in and see what’s out there for you?

1.Signup for Pinterest business account

For driving more traffic to your site through Pinterest you need to sign up for Pinterest business account.

Step:1 Create a Pinterest account

Step:2 Click on edit profile 

Step 3: Convert to business account or choose a business account from options.

Once you have the business you need to claim your website. See the image below, in the same edit profile tab you will find claim website

image 56
7 ways to grow your blog with Pinterest: 11

then enter your website in the search bar and click claim website

image 57
7 ways to grow your blog with Pinterest: 12
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7 ways to grow your blog with Pinterest: 13

You have two options to claim your website. You  can either upload the html tag or upload html file.

I prefer with adding the html tag

image 58
7 ways to grow your blog with Pinterest: 14

Copy this and add before <your body> tag.

Now that you have a pinterest business account.

image 59
7 ways to grow your blog with Pinterest: 15

What else can you play with pinterest?

You will have access to the pinterest analytics. This shows the details about how your readers are viewing or which pin is working better for you.

The lengthy pin image can be pinned in several other group boards and increase your readership.

2.Focus on your pin description:

Like the description in Facebook, you have a description below each pin image. This description helps your reader understand what your pin is.

Your pin description should be

1.easy to understand

2.Should include the one important factor for the reader.

3.As detailed as it can be

4.Draw your readers attention with including emotions.

5. Include a Call to Action. Let your reader know what to do next with your pin.

6. Add SEO friendly keywords.

7. Include hashtags to the description.

Pin descriptions with more than 200 words gets pinned more.

Look at this example

image 60
7 ways to grow your blog with Pinterest: 16

With that said let’s see how can we use pinterest to find the content ideas.

3.Search Pinterest for inspiration:

Every business blogger needs to find fresh content that makes their readers dwell in with them. They churn out for fresh piece of ideas. 

When you are out of ideas, you can turn to pinterest to find inspirations for your newblog post or blog post series ideas. That’s why I love pinterest a lot. You cabn create secret boards and save the information you needed for next post. 

Look for interesting images. Whether it may be of your niche ot not, You can save those images to your secret board. So you can create an image for your recent post or a product. 

Pinterest is User friendly, so you can find ideas as easily as a 7th grade student can learn. 

Enter the keywords in the search bar, 

image 61
7 ways to grow your blog with Pinterest: 17

Ta-da-da— Your pins are there

Find which pins have high repin rate and comments and get the ideas you need for your next content. Save it to your content calendar. 

4.Create pin worthy images:

You might spend a lot of time in designing your pins, but if the images are awful, chances are that your click though rate will be low. 

Pinterest is a visual platform. which means images are their first preference. Your pin design play a vital role in bringing readers to your blog.

Your images should be bright, colorful, and it should convey the most important message you need to share with your readers. 

That is the purpose of the pin. 

See this pin i have created.

image 64
7 ways to grow your blog with Pinterest: 18


When someone is searching for niche ideas, it would be helpful for them. They can save this in their phone, and get enjoyed this. 

And this one

image 65
7 ways to grow your blog with Pinterest: 19

That really benefits the reader. They need not to read an entire blog post each and every time when referring something.

The pin has to be in the right size:

Pinterest has a specific dimension for its pins. It prefers rectangle pins in 2:3 aspect ratio or 4:5 aspect ratio.

Use Stunning images:

Pinterest images without faces gets more re pins. Use vibrant colours and patterns in your image. Keep your images branded with including your logo and name.

image 66
7 ways to grow your blog with Pinterest: 20

The above images are from a pinner who uses brand color palettes in every image she makes. Her pin board really looks awesome.

5.Connect with other pinners in your niche:

There are head shots in Pinterest, these power players, or the influencers can cater to your readers. 

Influencers acts as a catalyst in promoting your blog when you follow, engage with the influencers by liking, repining and commenting on their pins.

You can land your pins and blog posts in front of the large audience by doing so.

6.Make your website pinterest friendly:

It works like this. If your blog is Pinterest friendly, which means effortless ways to pin your images then you can get your pins shared.

This will finally bring in the traffic you need for your blog.

place a Pin it button under each image and make it easy to pin.

Invite your audience to follow on pinterest.

7.Join Pinterest group boards:

Pinterest community boards are extremely popular and it can bring more exposure to you. It is also called as a group board where other pinners can pin. This way you can generate more traction to your blog.

If You consistently pin to a group board, other people who follow that group board can see your pins. If it interests them in your pins, they will follow you.

The easiest way to find group board is using Pingroupie

All the group boards are not accessible to everyone. you can follow one of these ways to join a group board. Find who is the creator of the board and engage with the creator through commenting on his pins. You may also leave a comment on their blog too. This way you will be known to the influencers in your niche.

If it is a free to join board, then you can join by clicking join board. 

You can also create a group board.

Over to you:

Implementing this easy ways to grow your blog will help you increase your brand awareness/visibility. If you are using some other ways comment down.

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