20+ Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs with free Checklists inside

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Productivity tips for entrepreneurs to help them execute their tasks and grow seamlessly

Table of Contents

Everyone working from home is looking for productivity tips for entrepreneurs.

As a blogger, you may have so many tasks to complete. From keyword research, SEO optimisation, Blog metrics tracking, image editing till updating the plugins, a blogger wears so many hats.

You have now taken your blog to the next level,

gaining new visitors every day,

new comments every day,

new product purchases,

you have agreed for a video conference,

you have a podcast to combine with your peer and you have client meeting arranged the next door.

You made your successful way, how to maintain this consistent growth without selling your soul?

How do you do all these? How to stay as a productive blogger?

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort.”


This post provides some insightful productive tips for bloggers that help you rock.

Its is really important to

“stay productive than to stay busy”

Let’s have a look on the productivity tips for bloggers.

Time management for Bloggers

Agree on it or not. We as humans are limited in focusing our attention. You can’t have 10 prioritised tasks. If you have so then the word priority loses its meaning.

Managing the time seems difficult at the beginning. When you master it, you are really a smart person.

It is recommended to have top 3 priority everyday and have it completed.

Once you are aware of how you waste your time, you can throw away those time-consumers.

Identify your time consumers, make a list of it and shut it down for some time.

Throughout this post I have shared the apps that help you devoid of these time consumers. These are the apps that I use personally and I recommend my readers too.

How to make time to blog?

How do you find time to blog? I get this frequent question. For me the answer is I make time to blog. I practice writing everyday and managing tasks every day. The answer may be different for you.

The problem with managing time to blog is that we make ourselves as enemies. Its true. Blogging is not a singular task. It’s a multitasking job.

Multitasking is the enemy of productivity. Read about how multitasking affects productivity.

Prioritise the work:

If you sit at your computer without plan, you are inevitably going to waste time.

You have to create a schedule and then stick to a schedule.

Life is full of distractions, understand that and stay focused while you work.

“Play while you play, work while you work”

How to prioritise the work?

Set Goals:

  • Begin with defining the goals.
  • Find out what you need to achieve the goal.
  • Break down into tasks and group similar tasks.
  • Bring the tasks into action.

Set a timer for every activity and try complete it within the specified time.

Chrome extension: Stay focused

Android app I recommend: tomato planner

Batch working:

Grouping similar tasks is another time management technique. As a blogger, you can batch more activities than you can realise.

List of activities that can be worked in batches:

  • Keyword research: While doing keyword research for one blog post, do it for three more blog posts. You can do this only if you have a content planner in advance.
  • Writing blog posts: When writing blog posts, prepare an outline for other blog posts in the series, if you find time try completing two posts. You will feel like have done something in advance.
  • Creating images: I use Canva for creating images. I have a premade template for the social media images and pins. That saves a ton of time. I just go ahead with changing the background and headings. Ting! My image is ready.

Quick Writing Tips for bloggers

How to write blog posts the effective way?

Prioritise your writing by your energy not by your time. Every morning I stay productive. I choose to write my blog posts in the morning.

When the energy is at the peak, you can do the most innovative and creative tasks. 

“Productive bloggers are not born, they are self-made”

Creative a habit of writing and focus on writing until the goal us reached.

Writing in the morning or night, whatever you choose, commit to it.

Checkout this blog post on how I write an epic blog post in 2 hours.

Mind map your ideas to create an outline:

When I am about to start writing I begin with dumping out my ideas in a paper.

I use mind mapping software to do this on my system.

To plan the content, do the keyword research and plan the topics accordingly.

Look my idea of creating series of blog posts from one.

This is how I outline the topics for various blog posts and then I curate a specific headline for each post. I schedule writing the post in the schedulers I later on mention in this post.

I prefer trello.

With that said for content creation, you can use the same one for a blog post too. Create outlines for every blog post and allot time for each heading and work in intervals.

Begin with the easy one:

Go ahead with what is easy to be accomplished and strike off the things that you have completed. This is mind trick to make yourself motivated. When 7/10 things are completed, mentally you feel free and balanced.

Edit later on:

I prefer to edit the posts the very next day of writing. Since writing a post of 1200 words and more you feel overwhelmed. Sometimes you are drained. So, edit the posts later on.

I use Hemingway app to edit my posts. It highlights the complex sentences and makes my job easier.

Another editor I use is Grammarly.

How do bloggers produce content everyday?

Distraction free writing:

Your laptop is packed with distractions. You have a gadget all time with you to distract you- I mean the mobile phone.

Eventually in this distracted world you need to give the output, the deliverables to your client.

As a productive blogger, to write in a distraction free environment you have some tech apps that can help you.

I prefer using Calmly writer.

Click here to access the Chrome extension-Calmly writer   

Simply open this in your browser and start writing.

You even have some desktop apps to write in a distraction free environment.

Break your word count:

Outlining your blog post is explained in the former section. Now its time to prepare a word count for each section.

Start writing with that idea of writing the essentials under every section.

Write in advance:

If you have planned, then completing the blog posts along with the images a week sets you free.

Get out of the distractions:

Train yourself to stop using social media:

Most of us have to stay online while writing a blog post. Its mandatory. I know we all search for something and eventually end up in opening some memes, videos and waste our time.

I don’t say you should not enjoy, don’t get me wrong. Stay focused on the work, if it the task takes 25 mins to complete. Finish it off first and then you can watch memes.

This chrome extension will help you stay focused.

Chrome extension: Block Site – Website Blocker for Chrome

Click add to chrome and in the next pop up click on the add extension button.

Now its done. For the time until you work, force yourself to stay focused.

Allot time for Every work:

I segregate my tasks and work accordingly. Its really matters to be most productive. To keep yourself away from distraction it best not to check any of your emails in between working.

I use a chrome extension for this,

Chrome extensionBullet Journal: Notes, Lists, Weekly Planner

Add this extension and signup to Taskade an app that you can use to collaborate with your team and prepare a task list for you.

Android app for productivity: Taskade

Here is a screenshot of how I allot my time. You can assign work to your team members too using this app. This app has a chrome extension, android, windows and an iOS app.

Avoid Multi-tab working:

Are you a person who remembers favicon of every site? If your answer is yes, then you are a digital packrat. You have a syndrome of opening multiple tabs at a time and end up spending too much time on researching, reading etc.

The chrome extension I suggest : One tab

This combines all your tabs into single bookmark. This you work hassle free.

Avoid task switching:

You start with writing a post.

Switch to creating images.

Again, back to social media notifications.

You have spent 3 hours without any productive output. You neither finished the blog post nor created the image.

I don’t say you don’t switch task. I say to switch only when you have completed a specific task.

Stay organised at your desk:

A morning routine for home office

Are you a Morning person or night owl?

Most of the CEO’s of top companies including Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft is a Morning person.

His Interview for Wall street journal is here to show how important is being a morning person and more important is to follow a routine.

A simple morning routine I prefer at my work desk:

Begin every day with a reason- I look at my vision board when I wake up.
Simple exercise followed by meditation.
Read my to-do-list.
Check my emails.
I start writing the left-over blog post or a new one.
Every morning you have more energy, use it for planning, use for creative ideas etc.

App that I use: I use fabulous to stay fabulous every day. 

This mobile app is really helpful in developing a habit for yourself.
Keep your files organised:

Everyday before shutting down your system, don’t forget organise your files. It just takes few minutes when you do this every day.

If you ever have spent hours and hours to locate a document, or if you are guilty arriving late to your meeting then building a habit of organising is essential.

How I organise my files:
Blog posts-Folder nameHow to stay productive-Sub folder nameImages -sub folder
Social media images-sub folder
Freebies-sub folder
Use Checklists:
To make sure have done things perfect, use checklists. It ensures consistency and completeness in carrying out a task, says Wikipedia.
Distractions at work eventually end up forgetting tasks. To avoid forgetting the simple things and routine things you can use checklists.
Click here to access my free checklists here.
Schedule the work in advance:
Winding up your work must end up in the schedule for the upcoming day.
This article covers how to set goals and schedule the work , checkout the section below to know more.
Health tips that you cannot avoid
A new study that will be published in the journal Population Health Management shows that eating unhealthily is linked with a 66 percent increased risk of loss of productivity.
As a blogger, your productivity is directly proportional to energy within you. Unhealthy diet, lack of exercise and improper sleeping habits eventually ends up in nothing.
You cannot take health for granted when you want to succeed in a long run.
Eat healthy meals:
Make sometime for food. Its time to take care of what you eat. It manifests the energy within you. This energy is the force that drives to do the work.
Exercise everyday:
Exercise ensures proper brain function in the hippocampus region. Not only does exercise keep blood, glucose and oxygen levels high, feeding the brain, it releases endorphins into the body giving your mood a boost. Aerobic exercise is shown to change the size of the area of the brain involved in memory and learning.
Practice meditation:
“Meditation is not just for monks anymore”
Regular meditation will improve the concentration eventually leading you to be more productive. If you are meditating every day, you can do more work in the same amount of time.
This article helps you understand how meditation boosts your productivity.
Update your Content:
Most of the bloggers pay no attention to repurposing/updating their content.
Updating an article that is written sometimes back can bring you sudden traffic. Find some article that your audience keep on searching for.
Research and update the article. Updating means you can
add few more paragraphs,
some quick tips,
adding an infographic image,
including a CTA to the post,
creating new images,
changing the headlines etc.
Create some new pins for the post and start pinning in the group boards relevant to your niche. This eventually ends up in bringing traffic your site.
Repurpose your content
Repurposing means you can make an article into a video, a video into an article. Article to posts and this way you can repurpose the content.
“Over the next three years, the biggest trend in our products will be the growth of video,” Zuckerberg said in a statement
Once you are done with your Pillar post like this one, you can make viral pin images, Facebook posts and Instagram posts to engage with your audience.
Smart ways of driving traffic!
Create templates for your posts
To complete your blog posts quickly, have templates for various posts. The types of blog posts include
List post.
A quick guide posts.
Tutorial post.
Round up post.
Create a template for every post. Your work is just to open  the template and start doing as directed.
Money making tips for bloggers:
Most of the bloggers reading this post are interested in making money, only some of them are hobby bloggers. Being an ultra-productive blogger, you need to earn money for the input that you provide. Even though this post is all about productivity tips for bloggers I have included two smart money-making ideas for bloggers.
Create and sell your own digital products:
Make money with your digital products.
Easy products that you can make with 48 hours are
Blogging Planner.
Background images.
Social media image templates.
Creating fonts, backgrounds and much more
This way you can end up creating your digital product.
Go for Affiliate marketing:
Once you have authorised your blog, you can signup for various affiliate marketing programs. I hope this is the best money-making way that most bloggers prefer.
Scheduling the blogging tasks:
One of the things I love is scheduling my blogging tasks. It helps me to stay on track. As a blogger, there are numerous blogging tasks that we need to do. If you do the work every now and then finally you end up doing nothing.
I suggest you to build a schedule for your blogging tasks.
How to schedule the blogging tasks?
         Split your blogging tasks into Daily, Weekly and Monthly.
Key to make best out any work is staying systematised. A lot time for every task and keep on practising to finish within the allotted time.
         Your daily tasks might differ from mine. We are in the same race with different focus. I share my daily tasks and my method of organising the tasks here. Certain tasks remain same no matter where you stay in the race.
         To manage my tasks, I use Trello
Daily blogging tasks:
Check and reply emails.
Engage with your social media followers.
Promote your posts.
Update one old blog post.
Everyday before shutting down your system, organise your files.
Complete your to do list and prepare to do list for the upcoming day.
Check for updates and do them.
Weekly Blogging tasks:  
Write a New blog post.
Auto schedule your pins and social media images.
Repurpose one of your content.
Schedule your pins for the week.
Tracking your income.
Tracking Google analytics.
Tracking Google Search Console.
Check your affiliate income.
Research for the future blog posts.
Plan the content for the week.
Plan everyday work for the week.
Backup your blog.
Learn one new thing.
Organise your files.
Monthly Blogging tasks:
Update your plugins.
Set Goals for the upcoming Month.
Review the Month’s performance.
Organise the Weekly Backups.
Payment to your VA’s.
To backup my blog, I use Updraft plus plugin
To do research my blog posts, I use google trends
Social Media Scheduling:
To schedule the social media tasks, including Instagram and Pinterest, I use tailwind
Instead spending time in updating the social media posts, you can use schedulers. You can save time and spare time for some other works.
All you have to do is to create images for social media, prepare description for every post along with the hashtags and schedule with the date and time. Posting on the fixed time will be taken care of the schedulers.
Look for the various social schedulers here.
Work Scheduling:
I have shared my daily, weekly and monthly blogging tasks. How did I do that? To schedule you must know how to prioritise the work.
To understand about prioritising, you must know what is the ROI for a Work. ROI means Return of Investment. Sometimes the investment necessarily doesn’t mean the money. Time is the very first investment.
When you spend 10 hours to create a Pillar post, what is the ROI?
The answer depends, for some blogger it is a sale of their digital product. For someone it is the traffic generation and ranking. For someone it is the affiliate sale.
With that said. The ROI depends on the Goals.
So, you have to define the Goals before working on any subject.
Let me show you an example on working out a schedule.
Blogging goal No 1: To Generate traffic
I am going to choose Writing a pillar post of more 1800 words to generate traffic. If it takes 5 hours, then split the time for each task.
Tasks to be accomplishedTime taken
Research1 hour
Keyword research1 hour
Writing the post2 hours
Images preparation ½ hour
Editing the post½ hour

Now I add these to my daily works. I don’t write and edit the blog post on the same day.

Ping me back if this method works out for you. leave a comment and share this article, that makes sense for my work.

Outsourcing the Blogging tasks:

“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing right things”

Stop trying to put all the work on your shoulders. With the detailed explanation of blogging tasks said, now you can fins what are the works that you can outsource.

For serious and business bloggers, outsourcing their blogging tasks makes the work easier and saves time.

You can hire a virtual assistant, to do this first you should know what you have to outsource. To get it mastered you must learn doing things yourself and then when your blog grows you can start outsourcing.

Hire a virtual assistant:

The general works that you can outsource to a virtual assistant is

  • Email marketing.
  • Organising the tasks and file storage.
  • Content writing.
  • Updating your blog posts.
  • Scheduling your content.
  • Repurposing the content.
  • Promoting the content.
  • Replying to the blog comments and social media comments.
  • Audio and video editing
  • Preparing reports.
  • Addressing and sending invoices to the clients.

Hire a content writer:

The other way is to hire a professional content writer for your blog and you can handle the other marketing activities.

You can choose which one suits your needs.

A professional content writer can take care of everything right from research till preparing the posts. You can schedule their works and take care of the promoting activities.

Stay Motivated:

Life would be great if we did only what our heart desires to do, each moment of the day.

I know most of them say I choose blogging, as writing is my passion.

But do you stay motivated all the time??

Being in the hundreds don’t need effort, top stay in the top you need to put in your effort.

Sometimes you have to work over night even if you don’t want to do. Here is my idea to get crap done.

How to motivate yourself?

Understand Why you are doing this.

Start your work with meditation. Accept yourself you are going to do the job even if you don’t have the right mindset right now. Allow yourself to make mistakes. Dig deeper for the reason. Not every blogger, blogs for making money. Go find your reason. Hang on some time there, allow your mind to relax. Now just do the work. You can do it, if can! The simple rule of life.

Tuck away your Fear of Failure.

What stops you from being productive is the procrastination. Give a goodbye to Procrastination. Your fear sometimes lies on the discomfort of the task. You may have a confusing task. So, take a moment to look the fear and find the root cause and answer it. A few minutes for yourself to bring effective outputs.

Sometimes you may not be familiar with the software and when you have to work on it, it disturbs you and irritates when you couldn’t complete within the time. Never take this for granted. Spend some time and learn using it.

The most important of all is not learn right now skipping the other important task.

Schedule later and go for the other tasks.

Find Gratitude:

Give gratitude for all that you have. You will really see the magic!

Yes! It’s really a Magic!

Uncommon ways to make you work:

Bribe yourself:

When you show reward yourself, you will probably end up with an achievement. It will be the easier way to stay motivated.

Stop waiting until you learn everything:

Most of the blogging tasks will be learning, applying, testing and growing. Start applying whatever you have learnt. As we have planned, learn something new every week.

Get your friends:

When you feel isolated, talk to your friends and do a group task. You might feel interested. Yes, Friends are the family we have chosen. Friends help you do when you cannot do it alone.

Now it’s your time to stay as a Productive blogger:

Share your ways of being productive all throughout the day. Leave your comment below.

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