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“Durga is the one, who changed my life and I really recommend all her mastermind. The first session on turning blog basics clarified everything i needed for my blog business. She then helped me pave a perfect roadmap for selling my sponsored products.”

“That’s Super cool to work with Durga. She turns things into profit wherever she goes. The Book Profitable Blogging System is my first roadmap to success. Thanks for helping me out Durga.”

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Ever wondered how to turn your visitors into customers/clients?

This Book The Profitable Blogging System helps you build a profitable business out of your blog. The book reveals a perfect road map for freelancers and coaches to turn their side hustle into business.

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Pinterest Algorithm 2020

Pinterest Algorithm 2020

What? Pinterest algorithm? If you are asking me this, I know as a blogger you need to remember so many algorithms like Google’s ranking algorithm, Facebook’s etc. I know you have a lot in your plate as a blogger, but to generate tons and tons of traffic to your site, you need to master the Pinterest algorithm too.

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